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for gold and victory
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Sonntag 27. 05. 2007
Spring Cups

The spring cups have started
von Joey Sixpack

The spring cups have started
The Spring Cups have started and it is time to give you the latest information about the cups, especially the rules. Both cups are now completely filled up and we had to enlarge the 1on1 cup to 64 players which are all busy.

Sorry to the players that still wanted to participate, but we do not have more room in the cups.
Please have a look onto the "Info & details" pages of each cup for the most important rules regarding server settings, Aequitas and the maps to be played (including a download link).

Infos & Details for the 1on1 Heavy Spring Cup

Infos & Details for the 2on2 Trainmap Spring Cup

If you did not get a slot in the cups, you can still let us know if you want to be on the waiting list because we still expect a few players or teams to drop in the first round and so you could step in as a replacement.
Additionally, we appeal to all players which want to resign from the cup to contact us as soon as possible so that we can exchange participants. This would we a gesture of fairness to all players which still want to be in the cup.

If you don't have a server for your match, feel free to ask an admin in #esl.dod, we have several servers which you can lend for your match.

Good luck and have fun to all participants!

Your ESL Day of Defeat Source Admin Team

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Sonntag 27. 05. 2007

The Eidos WWII Collection
von Joey Sixpack

Introducing the Eidos WWII Collection
May 25, 2007, 3:05 pm - Eric Twelker

The Eidos WWII Collection, a new game bundle for fans of WWII-based games, is now available on Steam. Engage your combat skills across three game genres: action, stealth, and real-time strategy.

The collection includes:
? Battlestations: Midway, the 3rd-person action game featuring the all-new Iowa Mission Pack
? Commandos: Strike Force, the only WWII stealth combat action game
? Commandos 3: Destination Berlin, a game of real-time tactics set behind enemy lines in the European theater

The Eidos WWII Collection is available for $59.95. Save 20% ($47.95) when you buy before Tuesday, May 29.

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Sonntag 20. 05. 2007

von Joey Sixpack

Noch mal als hinweis, f?r all die die es nicht verstehen!

Jede, auch die kleinste Rechte oder Linke ?usserung so wie antisemitische spr?che.
Oder das beleidigen von Spielern egal welcher Nationalit?t.
Werden ohne jede Vorank?ndigung mit einem BAN belegt egal wer es war.
Ich habe auf meinen Server Spieler aus allen L?ndern unsere Gemeinsamen Erder und das soll auch so bleiben.
Wenn es die Ploitik nicht schaft.
Wir schaffen es.
Zocken verbindet die Welt.
Und wemm das nicht passt der kann auf einem der ?ber 2000 andern Server Zocken.

Gru? Joey Sixpack
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Sonntag 25. 02. 2007
von Joey Sixpack

Wegen Wartungsarbeiten beleibt der Server bis ca 16:00 Uhr offline.

Because of maintenance work the server to approx. 16:00 clock offline.

MFG Sixpack
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Sonntag 04. 02. 2007
Germany hand ball world champion 2007
von Joey Sixpack

Germany hand ball world champion 2007

Deutschland ist Weltmeister
Das Winterm?rchen ist Realit?t geworden. Die deutsche Handball-Mannschaft hat das WM-Finale gegen Polen klar gewonnen. Obwohl der ?berragende Torwart Henning Fritz Anfang der zweiten Halbzeit verletzt ausscheiden musste
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