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Next Fight Night XL
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for gold and victory
Autor : Joey Sixpack | 12.02.2015
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Votet für mich
Autor : Feldjäger | 18.09.2010

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Day Of Defeat : Source Beta

Now our beloved game has come in Beta...
Witch is not logical at all... Beta 2,5years after its release.?

The Beta is the same game, but with an achievement plan like the one seen in Team Fortress 2.

DoD: S has gotten 51 achievements, player avatar display in the scoreboard and win panel, and detailed player statistics integrated with the Steam Community features...

Its pretty cool, so if yo are using Steam, download the DoD: S Beta, its free.!
(The Beta will NOT overwrite your original dod: s install. the Beta will be it "own" game...

Happy achievement hunting.!


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# 3 von Aranox
The new DoDGrummel is shit.

# 2 von -=[TSI]=- Buster the Bast
Tnx Joey.. Smilie

And i have to ad.. Unfortunately the Beta do not use the same servers as Joey Sixpack fun Server...

# 1 von -=[TSI]=- Joey Sixpack
Nice work Buster hope to see mor of it.

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